Base de Datos de la Música Chilena

The ‘Base de datos de la música chilena‘ (BDCH, the Chilean-music database) is a project developed by the Fundación Música de Chile (FMC, the Music of Chile Foundation) that allows radio stations with a secure, easy and fast access to the biggest online repository of chilean music.

The scope of genres of the collection is wide, ranging from rock, pop and hip-hop, to classical and folklore, and are structured in 52 genres and sub genres. For an easy navigation, BDCH provides with search methods that allow users to query for artist, song, album, publication year or genre.

The songs in the collection belong to artists that are already members of the ‘Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor’ (SCD, the Chilean copyright society), so most of the time they have been air played in commercial radio stations across Chile.

The website provides access to the statistics about the contents in the database:

Total songs :: 39958
Total directories :: 3140
Total albums and directorios :: 3140
Total album artist :: 1818
Total song artists :: 3163

Average song length :: 03:36
Standard deviation of the song length :: 01:50
Longest song :: 01:00:46
Shortest song :: 00:00
Database total length :: 2393:36:04

Avg. file size :: 4.53 Mb
Total file size :: 176.69 Gb

Avg. file bitrate :: 176.02 Kbps